At almost 13 EH/s by year-end, should rank third in computing power behind Core Scientific, projected at 15 EH/s, and a hair short of Marathon Digital at an estimated 13.3 EH/s. Previously, the facility mainly housed third-party miners, who pay handsomely for the Harris team to provide housing, electricity, maintenance, and all other services. While Whinstone still serves outside customers, Riot has shifted the main focus to generating Bitcoin for its own account. In January, Riot companywide mined 458 Bitcoin valued at over $20 million, the vast bulk at Whinstone, and it’s on track to more than double that output by late 2022. As per the press release, Whinstone owns the largest block reward mining hosting facility in the U.S.

Darya is a crypto enthusiast who strongly believes in the future of blockchain. Being a hospitality professional, she is interested in finding the ways blockchain can change different industries and bring our life to a different level. The sum of the deal between Riot Blockchain and Whinstone totals $651 million, $80 million of this amount will be paid in cash. Our young and dynamic team is comprised of well-known journalists as well as Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Experts. Riot is set to tap into this expertise in diversifying its revenues and making impeccable financial and operational synergies. According to Jason Les, Riot’s CEO, the deal will make Riot the most significant Bitcoin mining firm in North America.

  • Beijing exiling all of its crypto miners was a black swan event for the industry.
  • He further detailed that the new facility will serve as the foundation of Riot’s Bitcoin mining operations as the company is aiming to increase its footprint in the country.
  • ERCOT is the electricity reliability council of Texas and its load zones cover the majority of the state.
  • The unprecedented weather resulted to 210 deathsand led to more than$50 billion in damages, prompting theBiden Administration to declare a national disasterin the state.
  • Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, halted his company’s acceptance of bitcoin transactions, citing the “rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel”.

Block surged 8% in Friday’s premarket as the market got excited over the payments firm’s mixed results. The company reported fourth-quarter adjusted EPS of $0.22 on revenue of $4.65 billion. RIOT Blockchain announced on Thursday it will acquire Whinstone US for $80 million in cash and 11.8 million shares of RIOT stock. With burnout in reserve cash, and the growing prices of Bitcoin and other related assets, most mining firms are indeed left with no options but to intensify their efforts to get their hands on more BTC from their farms. Riot Blockchain, one of the biggest North American miners, has already reduced its energy usage at its Whinstone facility in Rockdale by 98$%-99%, Trystine Payfer, Riot’s director of communications, told CoinDesk. “We will continue to do so as needed until there is no extreme stress on the ERCOT grid,” she added.

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Bitcoin miners benefit from low-cost energy to maximize production margins, benefiting from an electricity supply with the flexibility to respond rapidly to supply and demand events in the power market. Whinstone’s site has a total power capacity of 750 MW, with 300 MW currently developed. Whinstone’s facility is believed to be the largest single facility, as measured by developed capacity, in North America for Bitcoin mining. Whinstone operates a data center in Rockdale, Texas that has 300 megawatts of developed capacity, through which it hosts bitcoin mining operations for its customers. The facility is located on a 100-acre site and spans three buildings that total 190k sqft.

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Cryptocurrency-mining company Riot Blockchain Inc. is buying Whinstone U.S., North America’s largest Bitcoin hosting facility. On Wednesday, Riot announced it had inked an agreement to purchase 42,000 mining machines from Bitmain Technologies, increasing the firm’s bitcoin mining hashrate by 93%. It also appears that at Bitcoin’s current price of around $40,000, Whinstone is extremely lucrative. By Fortune’s estimate, its expense of labor, electricity, and equipment is around $15,000 per coin. Kevin Brendle, Dickens county’s top elected official, embraced the idea of the mine when Argo Blockchain, a Canadian cryptocurrency mining company, first approached him with the idea of building a facility in the area.

Crypto Miner Riot Blockchain to Buy Whinstone for $651 Million

The partnership will allow customers to send and receive payments in a number of currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound. Bitcoin hit a new all-time high on Tuesday, as the digital currency surged past $6,300 for the first time. The latest milestone came after reports that the number of daily transactions on the bitcoin network had surpassed 100,000 for the first time.

Riot Blockchain recently acquired Whinstone US, the largest bitcoin mining facility in the US based in Rockdale, Texas, for $80m. Whinstone says its facility can produce 500 bitcoin per month – worth a total of $22m at bitcoin’s current value. Whinstone is based in Rockdale, Texas, and its facility is located on a 100-acre site, hosting Bitcoin mining customers in three buildings totaling 190,000 square feet. It has a power capacity of 750 MW, with 300 MW currently developed, an important asset for energy-intensive Bitcoin mining.

In an October press release, Riot stated that its own test result and industry data showed a 25% increase in hashes per second, and that the potential jump could be as much as 50%. In addition, the machines run in what Harris calls “dead silence” versus the regular loud humming noise, and all the tanks stand at desk height, making machines much easier to maintain than when they’re stacked in towering racks. It’s possible that the extra efficiency provided by immersion cooling could lift Whinstone’s output to as much as 10% of the world’s Bitcoin production. — Cryptocurrency-mining company Riot Blockchain Inc. said it will buy North America’s largest Bitcoin hosting facility, Whinstone U.S. Inc., for about $651 million in cash and stock. Riot plans to immediately commence further development of additional facilities at Whinstone in order to rapidly bring the property to its current capacity of 750 MW.


Riot Blockchain, a Texas-based cryptocurrency mining company, is set to receive $570 million in funding from Whinstone US, Bloomberg reports. The deal, which is still subject to regulatory approval, would see Whinstone invest $250 million in Riot and provide a $320 million loan to the company. Riot plans to use the funds to expand its cryptocurrency mining operations.

Whinstone combines fixed low-cost power agreements, real-time spot power procurement and income from ancillary power services revenue. It ensures such benefits as low-cost energy and maximum production margins, as well as electricity supply with the flexibility to respond rapidly to supply and demand events in the power market. It hosts Bitcoin mining customers in three buildings that total 190,000 square feet.

Germany’s Northern Data AG, which is reportedly approaching for a public listing, acquired Whinstone in 2019. The company will own 12 percent of Riot’s common stocks after the closure of the deal. He further detailed that the new facility will serve as the foundation of Riot’s Bitcoin mining operations as the company is aiming to increase its footprint in the country. Purchasing the Texas-based Whinstone will allow Riot to inherit its team, which is pivotal in Riot’s pursuit in expanding its core business. Whinstone is touted to have the industry’s top experts of about 100 employees who have created a leading firm within a year.

This will involve developing standards, libraries, and tools for the deployment of IoT solutions. In particular, those who were not aware of the fork may have lost a lot of money because they could not trade between the two blockchains. This year’s winter storm is also proving to be powerful with around 68,000 power outages already reported in Texas Thursday morning, according to, a website that tracks outages nationwide. The move seems to be an effort to better prepare for a possible repeat of February 2021, when a series of unusual winter storms brought freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, leaving millions of Texans without electricity or clean water. The unprecedented weather resulted to 210 deathsand led to more than$50 billion in damages, prompting theBiden Administration to declare a national disasterin the state. It initiated preparation to shut down its Whinstone facility Tuesday and will remain powered down until the extreme weather moves away.

Texas already accounts for as much as 7% to 8% of global output, and it’s just getting started

At the time, the company wanted to expand into Bitcoin mining in the United States. Of all things, Harris’s unwieldy tower would spearhead the company’s campaign. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of customary closing conditions, including receipt of required regulatory clearances. Upon closing of the transaction, Northern Data will own approximately 12% percent of the total outstanding common stock of Riot. “If you were a miner that has a long-term power purchase agreement, then you own power at a fixed price … you’re committing to buying energy for years no matter what,” Les said.

The transaction is expected to close during the second quarter of 2021, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of customary closing conditions, including receipt of required regulatory clearances. Industry advocates describe a symbiotic relationship between bitcoin miners and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s grid operator. Expansion plans are in the works to more than double the plant’s capacity and make it the biggest bitcoin mining facility in the world, according to Whinstone U.S. CEO Chad Everett Harris. Announced a milestone purchase for $138.5 million worth of mining equipment. 42,000 S19j Antminers was purchased from Chinese mining company Bitmain Technologies Limited as part of a strategic move to increase its Bitcoin mining hash rate. When fully deployed, these miners will increase Riot’s computing power to an estimated 7.7 million tera hashes per second (TH/s), or about 4.6% of the network’s current total.

If Bitcoin’s robbing loads of Europe’s energy, the warning goes, its nations won’t have enough power to produce cars, steel and semiconductors, and light homes, as its nations make the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Most of the world is saying, if you don’t want cities going dark and need to reach climate goals, dump Bitcoin mining. Riot views Whinstone as a foundational element in its strategy to become an industry-leading Bitcoin mining platform on a global scale.


In 2018, a Chinese company that designs specialized computers for cryptocurrency mining promised hundreds of jobs and a $500 million investment into the shuttered Alcoa smelter. The company is also set to receive a minimum of 3,500 S19j Antminers monthly starting from November 2021 and will continue through October 2022, as per the terms of the purchase agreement. The company’s mining operations have grown in recent months, and this Whinstone purchase order marks a milestone in the continued expansion of Riot’s mining operations. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Riot Blockchain, Jason Les, the company plans to make Whinstone the foundation of its Bitcoin mining operations upon which its global mining expansion goals would be. Riot would buy all of Whinstone’s assets and operations for $80 million in cash plus a fixed 11.8 million shares of Riot common stock.

With a power capacity of 750 MW, Whinstone’s facility is considered to be the largest single facility in North America for Bitcoin mining. At present, it is also working on Bitcoin mining operations for three institutional clients who will be able to utilize up to 300 MW of aggregate power capacity by the end of this year. With 300 MW currently developed, Whinstone’s facility has a projected power capacity of 750 MW. Riot hopes this will make it the largest publicly traded Bitcoin mining and hosting company in North America.

Within months, he’d turn the keys to his landscaping franchise over to his top lieutenant for nothing. A comeback bid hosting Bitcoin mining for a Japanese partner in rented New Orleans warehouses was going poorly, since the economics of doing business in Louisiana, including high energy costs, made it unprofitable to mine Bitcoin. Riot has secured purchase agreements for additional S19 miners scheduled for delivery and deployment by Q which is expected to increase our self-mining hash rate capacity to 12.6 EH/s.

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Harris and his team did all the work designing and building Whinstone, and are still in charge. Lacking the gigantic capital Whinstone required, they sold to Northern Data of Germany in late 2019, and last May, Riot Blockchain of Castle Rock, Colo., paid Northern Data $651 million to become the new proprietor. Harris now serves as CEO of the Whinstone venture, which constitutes most of Riot’s current revenues and is its future growth machine. In a single stroke, the Whinstone purchase catapulted Riot into the top ranks of all publicly traded Bitcoin miners.

RELATED NEWS‘s stock is up more than 1600% in the past six months alone amid a rise in bitcoin’s price and increasing mining capacity at the firm. In addition to hosting revenue, Whinstone also generates engineering and construction services revenue from hosting clients on site, and revenue from the fabrication and deployment of immersion cooling technology. The total transaction value as of the purchase based on Riot’s last closing price of $48.37 was approximately $651 million. Whinstone has multiple buildings on site, each stacked 20 feet high with rows of computer hardware designed specifically for this purpose.

HB 1576 established a 16-member working group that will recommend policies relating to blockchain matters. Skeptics worry about the massive amounts of energy required to mine bitcoin, which has spurred both environmental concerns and fears about how the strain could affect Texas’ already fragile power grid. Riot, on its part, has in the past faced legal woes for its rebranding into a blockchain company. A few years back, investors sued the company for its digital currency pivot, claiming the move was purely to manipulate its shares. The company was previously known as Bioptix and focused primarily on biotechnology.

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In a recent interview, Stallman said that he is “very interested” in these technologies and is currently studying them. He went on to say that he believes that cryptocurrency and blockchain could have a major impact on the world economy, and that they have the potential to upend the current financial system. Ripple has already worked with a number of banks and financial institutions, including Santander, BBVA, and J.P. NEO has announced a partnership with Alibaba, the world’s largest online and mobile commerce company. The partnership will see Alibaba work with NEO to develop smart contracts for the NEO blockchain. Stellar Lumens, the fifth largest digital currency in the world, has announced a partnership with IBM to allow for faster and more cost-effective cross-border payments.